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I told her once I wasn’t good at anything. She told me survival is a talent.
- Susanna KaysenGirl, Interrupted (via getbetterr)
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Eleanor Cunningham

Two works made up of mixed media. Salts, inks and water on photographic prints and negatives, combining analogue with digital technology.

'Nonna's Window / Portal', 2011

'Somerset House', 2009

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daily reminder that the boy you’re in love with at 16 probably won’t matter when you’re 25.

daily reminder that the math test you failed your freshman year of high school probably won’t matter when you’re graduating college.

daily reminder that the problems you’re facing today may seem like the worlds end, but they will not matter in a year.

daily reminder that you’re going to be okay.

everything is going to be okay.

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McVities latest original digestives advert (x)

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I think I fall a little in love with people when I catch them in small moments, when they think no one’s looking at them, when they absently twirl a strand of hair between their fingers, when they lick their thumb to turn a page in a book. There’s something beautiful about a person who is lost in a thought, or adjusting their shirt, or is scratching a phantom itch on their arm, or even someone who is looking at someone else like I am looking at them.

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