I’m attracted to stories that excite my imagination, stories that, as I’m reading the script, I feel it, I can see it, I can hear the characters. I’m attracted to characters that are real, that tap into something inside me that I haven’t explored yet.

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"with all my knowledge and intrusion, i could never entirely predict you. i can feed the caterpillar. i can whisper through the chrysalis. but, what hatches? forms its  o w n   n a t u r e  t h a t   i s   b e y o n d   m e .

"i don’t wanna kill you anymore, dr. lecter.
not now that  i  f i n a l l y  find you  i n t e r e s t i n g.
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Natalie Dormer attends a reception for the Best of Britain’s Creative Industries at The Foreign Office on June 30, 2014 in London, England

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Title: All Of The Stars
Artist: Ed Sheeran
Album: The Fault In Our Stars Soundtrack
Plays: 267379
From ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ Original Movie Soundtrack Preorder now - http://smarturl.it/TFIOSST
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I have a message for Germany. That you are all going to die. And I want you to look deep into the face of the Jew that is going to do it.

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Happy 32nd Birthday, Sophia! ♥ (July 8th, 1982)

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